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What is esports?

  • Who are the stakeholders and how big is the market?
  • Who is the audience?
  • How strategic it is for brands and media?
  • Why can it be considered as entertainment?

5 Trends Shaping Esports in 2019

  • The shift between digital space to physical locations is getting stronger
  • Esports broadcasting formats are rapidly changing
  • Esports' influence over sports is growing more than ever

Global Opportunities For Brands

Local Esports Competitions
  • What are the local places of competition? 
  • The increase of local leagues & teams, a great benefits for brands, why? 
  • Why collegiate esports and LAN events can maximize brand impact?

Why Sports invest into Esports?

  • Traditional sports is a $700 billion industry
  • Goldman Sachs predicts the number of esports enthusiasts could reach 250 million by 2021
  • Teams from baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer – and even the Olympics – are investing in esport

An Overview of Esports in Europe

  • Unlike North America and China, Europe is a particular market
  • How to address a market with such different cultural regions



Esports: A source of Revenues For Media

  • Money spent on esports media rights will triple by 2021
  • 4 case studies to understand how media rights apply
  • Monetization of media rights is fast growing


Esports in Brazil

  • In terms of most esports enthusiasts, Brazil is ranked third in the world
  • 7.6 million Brazilians watch professional content more than once per month

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