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Exclusive insights

Key Insights into Esports in the Americas

This exclusive whitepaper will help identify the region’s key trends and figures.

Why Sports invest into Esports

Discover why Sports invest into Esports! 

Esports in Brazil

Esports in Brazil: key facts, figures and faces. 


Streaming Esports

Discover how streaming technology is adding value to esports for investors and brand owners, and why it has become a gateway for the growing number of fans as it goes mainstream.

Why Esports Is The Next-Gen Marketing Nirvana For Brands?

Discover how brands can be involved in esports.


Pro esports, a league of its own

This exclusive whitepaper delves into the creation of the first multi-million-dollar franchised leagues in professional competitive gaming and illustrates why it is a really big deal.

Esports & brands - Gaming's new best friend

Discover what brands expect from esports professionals.


An Overview of Esports in Europe

Featuring an in depth look at four of Europe’s most vibrant esports ecosystems.

What Esports Brand Suits Yours Best’

Learn more about the differences between esports franchises.


Top stories: Esports in their words

Case study: HP/Activision-Blizzard - Esports BAR Miami 2017

Interview with ESL's Ralf Reichert - Esports BAR Cannes 2018

Interview with FNATIC's Sam Mathews - Esports BAR Cannes 2018

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