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The Esports BAR Interview with Brendan Donohue, Managing Director at NBA 2K League

Esports’s NBA 2K League is gradually catapulting its business into a major mainstream media-and-entertainment venture aimed at both hardcore gamers and casual viewers.

Managing director Brendan Donohue says recent significant deals with TV networks, brands and a new Asia franchise are establishing the league’s ambitions to be a truly global enterprise as it manoeuvres obstacles imposed by the current Covid-19 pandemic at the same time.

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Esports BAR Miami reloads in Esports BAR+ Americas 2020: a digital edition

The Sound Of Music In Esports

Esports BAR Miami 2020 is transforming into a 100% digital experience, called Esports BAR+ Americas, which will be available September 22-25. Sadly, due to the many consequences of Covid-19, we won’t be coming together in Miami in 2020, but we’ll be back in 2021!

Are we disappointed? ABSOLUTELY! However, the health, safety and well-being  of all of our fantastic Esports BAR participants, partners and our own team is paramount.

Soon we will be opening for registration and you will be able to join the exciting online world of Esports BAR+ Americas, connect with your international counterparts, book 1-to1 business meetings, take part in cool conferences and much more.

The entertainment sector is alive with the sound of the music increasingly becoming part of esports, as the fast-growing industry of organised competitive gaming is called.

Did you know that:

Music Subscribers Are More Likely To Engage With Esports Than Gamers

Esports Viewers Align More With Music Subscribers By Age Than Gender

Artist Fanbases Need To Be Matched Up With Gamer Segments

This exclusive white paper is brought to you by Midem & Esports BAR in association with MIDiA Research & JayKay Media Inc.

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Esports Investments - The Escalating Odds in Competitive Gaming

Esports BAR Cannes 2020: Post Show Wrap-Up

Esports investments is a trendy topic especially with the global industry gradually turning a corner into mainstream revenue-generating professionalism.
Did you know that:
70% of esports investments come under the media and entertainment categories

+135% is the growth rate estimated for esports betting between 2016 and 2020

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For its 7th edition, Esports BAR blasted off the stratosphere at a very sunny Cannes, in France, as delegates from 50-plus countries discussed the excitingly evolving universe of esports over three insightful days during 11-13 February 2020.
We round up a post-show wrap-up to dive deep into the content delivered during the conference focused on the theme of “One Galaxy At A Time: Navigating the Esports Universe”.

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Esports BAR Miami 2019: Post Show Wrap-Up


The international esports sector’s progress in going mainstream and attracting non-endemic brands as marketing partners was the loud and clear message at the 6th edition of Esports BAR at Miami during 2-4 October 2019. For those who attended and those who could not, this report rounds up the key points made at the event, the ultimate hub for decision-makers in the global esports space. 

Why Esports Is The Next Audience Opportunity For Media?

Esports brings a new momentum to media.
Did you know that:
- 62% of viewers are aged between 18-34
- +500 million esports viewers expected by 2021
- 82% of esports revenues in 2019 will be from investments of brands

More insights on esports

Esports Business into Latin America

Did you know Latin America is one of the world’s key esports markets?
- top countries & esports audience
- revenues in the region & fan profiles

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Esports Business in The Americas

- 40% of global esports revenues are generated in the Americas
- 54% of sponsorships deals in the Americas came from non-endemic deals
- revenues in LatAm will pass $30m dollars

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Esports: A source of Revenues For Media

  • Money spent on esports media rights will triple by 2021
  • 4 case studies to understand how media rights apply
  • Monetisation of media rights is fast growing

Global Opportunities For Brands

Local Esports Competitions
  • What are the local places of competition? 
  • The increase of local leagues & teams, a great benefit for brands, why? 
  • Why collegiate esports and LAN events can maximise brand impact?

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