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Esports Business Arena Series


The sessions that make up each series take place online, with renowned experts sharing their experience, knowledge and expertise.  The sessions cover topics not only to match your business needs but also to help you understand the esports industry. 

Watch the sessions for free, on our social media channels, to learn more about the latest esports industry trends and news.

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Why Attend our Esports Business Arena Series?

Understand how to engage and to grow your business efficiently in the esports market

Learn from an expert, gain insight and access exclusive data, facts and figures on the esports market

Be inspired by stories, in-depth content & thought leadership from the forward-thinkers in the esports industry 

Insights Series #1 : Empowering Women in Esports

📅 Thursday, April 29th, 2021 || 🕓 5.00 PM CET/11 AM EST


The stereotype of women and girls who are not interested in video games also means that the gaming industry still does not widely perceive women as a target group. This can be seen, for example, in the design of game content, where it often becomes clear that this is intended to appeal to heterosexual young men. This says a lot about how the gaming industry thinks and in turn suggests that video games are not for women.

But yet, out of 34.3 million people who play video games at least casually, 47% are women. This makes it even more surprising that there are so few recognisable female esports athletes and business women in the scene.

For Esports BAR is important, to us, that the topics of gender & diversity are taken into account in the industry. 

Our forward-thinking speakers:

Arwina Mogul

CEO of

Stefy Bau

CEO of Init Esports

Maria Perez-Bellière

Global Sales Director of Esports BAR


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Insights Series #2 : Purpose, Impact & Esport

📅 Thursday, May 20th, 2021 || 🕓 5.00 PM CET/11 AM EST


With the global pandemic, the climate changes, the activist positions of athletes against discrimination and the public demonstrations for social justice have drastically accelerated not only the importance for companies to take an active role on societal issues but also, to stand out from the crowd to respond to the need of the new generations.  Today we know that 80% of global consumers now agree that businesses must play a meaningful and credible role in solving societal problems. They must communicate better on these issues (source: Edelman Confidence Barometer) 70% of young people from Gen Z (after 1993) also believe that organisations must be much more activist and more contributory in the face of societal issues (source: Pew Research Center). That is why some organisations are also changing, in the eports industry, they are now seeking to align their purpose, mission, their strategies to leave a positive impact on the ecosystem. 

Our forward-thinking speakers:

Guillaume Vergnas

Partnerships Development & Esports Manager at Alpine F1 Team

Nicolas Longuet

Alpine F1 Esports Driver

François Singer

Purpose & Impact Partnerships Manager at 17 Sport


In case you missed it, the VOD is available now!

Insights Series #3 : Maximising Brand Engagement through Innovation

📅 Thursday, June 10th, 2021 || 🕓 5.00 PM CET/11 AM EST


What is the next « big thing » when it comes to maximizing brand engagement in the esports ecosystem ? 

In this rapid-fire Business Arena Series Bud Light and Twitch will get you up to speed on the unique nuances of how they achieved to create the Battle of the Bests. The brand has entered several short-term partnerships with popular streamers and in order to maximize their investment, Bud Light has left no stone unturned, recruiting influencers, increasing in-game advertising, and promoting talent. Discover more on how they managed to achieve success and why engagement with brand is a long-term strategy that works.

Our forward-thinking speakers:

Joe Barnes

Director of Bud Light, Sports Marketing

Nathan Lindberg 

RVP East at Twitch Properties

Tatiana Tacca

Esports Advisor & Consultant


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Insights Series #4 : Brazil: Gaming & Esports Trends for 90 millions Gamers

📅 Thursday, August19th, 2021 || 🕓 5.00 PM CET/11 AM EST


When people think about esports, the first markets that spring to mind are China, Korea, the US and even Europe. Over the past few years, Brazil has also become a major player. Over the pandemic, esports consumption in Brazil has increased even faster, together with a massive increase in revenues, in particular from brand advertising, media rights and sponsorships. As more and more viewers turn to Twitch in Brazil, interest in esports has also risen among the general consumer. Brazilian gaming influencers are among the world’s most popular, and they are becoming an important part of any esports marketing strategy. This in turn has brought more enthusiasts and more tournaments to the esports market in Brazil.  From playing mobile games to playing in stadiums, Nobru is the best known Brazilian Free Fire gaming influencer, with 3 million followers on Twitch.  Then comes Gaules of CS:GO, with 2.5 million followers. 

 In this latest Esports BAR webinar, Brazil’s esports leaders explore: Is Brazil the best market to be for esports events and influencer marketing? What are the investment opportunities in brands and publishing? How can brands benefit from the power of conversion campaigns, as well as from the DIVI·hub crowdfunding platform and the age of ownership?

Our forward-thinking speakers:

Renan Philip

Co-founder of 3c Gaming

Maurício de Lima

Esports Business Development & Partnerships Manager LATAM at Ubisoft

Leo de Biase

Esports Pioneer & Founder of BBL


The VOD is available, watch it now!

Insights Series #5 : Building a Viable Environment for Esports in 2022

📅 Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 || 🕓 5.00 PM CET/11 AM EST

This exclusive online session will introduce global video game trade bodies’ brand new "Guide to Esports", that will be available on the Esports BAR blog just after the online session.


Most people have heard of ‘esports’ by now, with spectators and business partners increasingly flocking to the phenomenon over the past years. The period of COVID-19 lockdowns has further increased esports’ popularity growth, from this crisis, stakeholders in the esports sector have learned that it is critical to solidify structural and economic growth and strengthen resilience. For a business ecosystem to create value it must incentivise organisations to enter the system, engage and create value in it and, ideally, remain part of the ecosystem in the long term. Therefore, in this webinar ISFE and partners will cover their recent guide on the esports ecosystem as part of the gaming industry, recent trends and what we should be looking for in 2022 to build a viable ecosystem.

Our forward-thinking speakers:

Paula Canepa

International Business Development Director


Virginie Gringarten

VP Associate General Counsel


Becca Henry

VP Communications

Misfits Gaming

Sergi Mesonero

Head of ISFE Esports

Interactive Software Federation of Europe

Juliana Koranteng

Founder & Editor-in-chief

JayKay Media - MODERATOR

In case you missed the live, watch the panel in replay now!

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