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Esports Business Arena Series


The sessions that make up each series take place online, with renowned experts sharing their experience, knowledge and expertise.  The sessions cover topics not only to match your business needs but also to help you understand the esports industry. 

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Why Attend our Esports Business Arena Series?

Understand how to engage and to grow your business efficiently in the esports market

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Insights Series #1 : Empowering Women in Esports

📅 Thursday, April 29th, 2021 || 🕓 5.00 PM CET/11 AM EST


The stereotype of women and girls who are not interested in video games also means that the gaming industry still does not widely perceive women as a target group. This can be seen, for example, in the design of game content, where it often becomes clear that this is intended to appeal to heterosexual young men. This says a lot about how the gaming industry thinks and in turn suggests that video games are not for women.

But yet, out of 34.3 million people who play video games at least casually, 47% are women. This makes it even more surprising that there are so few recognisable female esports athletes and business women in the scene.

For Esports BAR is important, to us, that the topics of gender & diversity are taken into account in the industry. 

Our forward-thinking speakers:

Arwina Mogul

CEO of

Stefy Bau

CEO of Init Esports

Maria Perez-Bellière

Global Sales Director of Esports BAR


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Insights Series #2 : Purpose, Impact & Esport

📅 Thursday, May 20th, 2021 || 🕓 5.00 PM CET/11 AM EST


With the global pandemic, the climate changes, the activist positions of athletes against discrimination and the public demonstrations for social justice have drastically accelerated not only the importance for companies to take an active role on societal issues but also, to stand out from the crowd to respond to the need of the new generations.  Today we know that 80% of global consumers now agree that businesses must play a meaningful and credible role in solving societal problems. They must communicate better on these issues (source: Edelman Confidence Barometer) 70% of young people from Gen Z (after 1993) also believe that organisations must be much more activist and more contributory in the face of societal issues (source: Pew Research Center). That is why some organisations are also changing, in the eports industry, they are now seeking to align their purpose, mission, their strategies to leave a positive impact on the ecosystem. 


Our forward-thinking speakers:

Guillaume Vergnas

Partnerships Development & Esports Manager at Alpine F1 Team

Nicolas Longuet

Alpine F1 Esports Driver

François Singer

Purpose & Impact Partnerships Manager at 17 Sport


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Key Topics

Trends & Innovation

Nowhere has the impact of digital technology been felt more keenly than in the gaming world. It has dramatically changed how products and services are developed and managed — and how the industry connects with audiences.

Esports is no different. The industry keeps on growing, fast; and innovation has the power to drive esports mainstream, to make the industry bigger and better than ever. How can esports lead the entertainment industry in terms of innovation?

Brands & Monetisation

As esports grows its share of consumer attention and spending, especially among younger consumers, the industry presents exciting and potentially unique opportunities for brands, esports companies, leagues, publishers and media.

As a brand, how can you make the most out of esports? What commercial opportunities do esports offer? How are brands monetising their activities? How can agencies help to activate brand image in the esports industry?


What are the key factors in esports investment? How do different regions around the globe address investing in the esports market? Is there a winning model for esports investment? How is the industry viewed by VC (venture capitalists)?


The esports industry has a responsibility to create content to help gamers looking to have a positive social impact on their communities. It is about working with audiences to address issues including mental health, gender inequality, lack of diversity and bullying.

This comes at a time when the worlds of esports and education are coming together. To develop skills as a gamer requires discipline – a huge benefit for students of all subjects.  The esports industry also offers a new career path, helping to motivate and inspire students interested in esports as a career.

This topic looks at how the esports industry connects with different societal stakeholders in terms of education, fair play, inclusion, gender equality, health and environmental responsibility.

Teams & Publishers

Since the way content is consumed has changed, product adaptations have become necessary. Esports leagues have had to adapt in a way that emphasises their digital-first nature. Why? Typically, competitive video games are played offline in a studio or arena environment. What are the challenges? What is the ever-evolving role of the publisher in the development of esports? How can publishers use data to create, improve and promote games, or to run tournaments?


Thanks to its naturally digital devotees, the rapidly growing and evolving esports sector is one of the most influential elements in the future of the relationship between consumers and digital technology and traditional media.

Audiences have been fragmented by traditional media, such as linear broadcast TV (still a powerful presence), print media and broadcast radio, co-existing with digital media, such as social media, instant messaging, podcasts and video streaming.

What is the industry perspective on the media? The contribution by esports to the emergence of streaming media has overhauled the mass market for media distribution. How is streaming media boosting the value of the professional gaming market?

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