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Esports BAR-powered Sessions at MIPTV 2022 – A Wrap-up Report

At MIPTV 2022, the Esports industry played a core role and was present at various conference tracks powered by Esports BAR to share their visions. Discover & download in this blogpost by Juliana Koranteg an exclusive wrap-up report with all the esport news of the show! 

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Why Does the Esports Industry Matter?

The world of esports is still young: the community is expanding, business models are fluid, and innovation never stops, as the industry looks to stay fresh and exciting!

The incredible growth in the esports market speaks volumes: global revenues have increased 58% over 4 years and are expected to carry on. Here are the latest trends:

Source:   Newzoo Global Esports Market Report 2020

Esports Global Market Revenues Streams

Sponsorship accounts for more than half of esports' revenue streams despite the rapid increase in streaming-generated revenues.

Sources:   Newzoo Global Esports Market Report 2020
                   Deloitte The European esports market

Esports Has a Huge & Very Engaged Worldwide Audience

Audiences are only increasing whether the occasional viewer (who watches professional esports content less than once a month) or the esports enthusiast (who watches professional esports content more than once a month). Between 2017 & 2020, the total number of people viewing esports rose by 92%.

Source: Newzoo Global Esports Market Report 2020

The Main Stakeholders of Esports:

Discover the key players who make the esports industry run.

Source: Newzoo Global Esports Market Report 2020

How Are They Working Together?

The industry has grown very rapidly, and there's so much more growth to come. Discover on the right, the typical way that the esports industry operates.

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What is Esports BAR?

Esports BAR gathers industry leaders to shape the future together - a future that is bright!

Esports BAR is part of RX France, the world-leading organiser of entertainment content events.  Our roots stretch deep into the world of entertainment. 

In 2017, Esports BAR Cannes launched onto the scene as a three-day event taking place each year in February, in the same venue as the iconic Cannes Film Festival.  Then followed Esports BAR Miami, held each September as a four-day event.  We like to follow the sun!

The global health crisis threw a curveball.  We responded swiftly, taking Esports BAR Miami online in September 2020 to hold our first fully digital, four-day edition: Esports BAR+ Americas. 

On-going uncertainty over Covid-19, combined with a desire to provide Esports BAR clients with face-to- face interaction, has encouraged us to move Esports BAR Cannes from February to October in 2021. The event took place alongside MIPCOM, the world’s leading entertainment content market.

Building on the successful scheduling at MIPCOM in October, April will see Esports BAR also moving into a new dedicated bespoke area of the Palais des Festivals alongside MIPTV, creating one central venue, and encouraging yet further synergies between the complementary sectors.

What's The Mission of Esports BAR?

At Esports BAR, we're committed to transforming the sport of the digital generation into the future of entertainment by providing esports industry leaders with the most efficient and meaningful B2B events!

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